r e c i p e s
buttermilk pancakes
french toast
hash browns
yeasted waffles

aloo ghobi (curried cauliflower and potatos)
artichoke, spinach and mushroom lasagna
asparagus and shiitake risotto
basamic roasted carrots
basmati rice
chick peas and swiss chard
chana masala
chopped salad with black-eyed peas, zucchini, fennel and edamame
corn and beans with pesto
garlic bread
garlic mashed potatos
green bean casserole
linguine with puttanesca sauce
mac-n-cheese, to be eaten no more than once a year
pasta with alfredo
pasta with butter and parmesan
pasta with garlic and oil
pasta with breadcrumbs
pasta with butternut squash and sage
peanut sesame noodles
peanut and soy slaw
peas with spinach and shallots
penne with swiss chard
polenta pie with tomato sauce and cheese
quinoa with carrot and onion
roasted redskins
saag aloo (spinach with potato)
squash and carrot stew
soy/ginger bok choy
smothered yellow squash with basil
south african style yellow rice
warm coarse mustard and potato salad
wild rice pilaf
zucchini mash
zucchini and onions

broccoli and red pepper cheddar chowder
tomato soup

tomato salad with blue cheese
cole slaw with buttermilk
cole slaw with vinagrette
potato salad

sauces and dressings
barbecue sauces
chipotle guacamole
pesto - basil
pesto - roasted red pepper
romesco sauce
soy ginger salad dressing
tahini salad dressing
teriyaki sauce

meaty things
arroz con pollo
beef tenderloin roast
chicken biryani
chili verde
murgh makhani (butter chicken)
mustard encrusted whitefish with potatos and leeks
pork satay
pork medallions with apple sage cream sauce
pot roast
prime rib
roasted pork enchiladas
slow roast hoisin pork
tilapia with chile lime butter
wasabi and panko crusted whitefish
wilted spinach salad with bacon
ziti with roasted pepers, olives and salami

desert stuff
chocolate cookies
coffee cake muffins
flourless chocolate cake
ny style cheesecake
pumpkin pie cheesecake
swedish brownies

rustic bread